| Ensley |

The forecast for the day of Ensley's senior photos called for rain all day. It rained the entire morning and even drizzled a little on the way to the shoot. But we weren't going to let that stop us! The clouds must have felt our positive energy and they parted to let the sun shine in, just in time.

Ensley and her mom, Sunny, met me in Old Worthington to get started. I knew from the first shot that she was going to make this easy for me.

We explored Old Worthington, finding hidden gems everywhere! The architecture and vibe of the city are both so beautiful - they made the perfect backdrops for this stunning senior!

After giving Old Worthington a spin, I asked Ensley if she would take a chance with me and head to the The Shops at Worthington Place. I've always wanted to shoot inside this mall - and Ensley was brave enough to try it with me! And boy, am I glad we did. We got some amazing shots and had a blast doing it!

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